This new ingredient is revolutionising dry skin routines

Every one of us has a point in our bad skin days where we can scratch out a white line on our mal-moisturized skin. It's always the regular routine of shea butter and coconut oil, or even fancier body serums.

The real issue is not in your moisturiser it is in your body wash or soap. We look for non drying, moisture retaining super foaming yet right on skin body washes . Here is a twist, there is one magic ingredient even nicknamed

‘next generation moisturizing ingredient’ by regimen.

Glyceryl glucoside is a new fad and a sensible intervention among skincare ingredients. Let's talk about science. ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is a multi-functioning high power soccer mom for skin which carries energy and molecules across skin. The stimulation of ATP has been activated by glyceryl glucoside effectively rejuvenating cells and retaining form. As we age the ATP decreases causing changes in our skin.

So it is the trick to increase ATP. The component glyceryl glucoside is clinically proven to be an active stimulator of ATP. In short Glyceryl glucoside helps reduce skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

Even better is it increases aquaporin 3 expression needed to retain and transfer moisture. So in addition it retains the moisture , enables well circulated and rejuvenated skin and keeps xerosis or dry skin at bay.

Glyceryl glucoside is a friendly skincare ingredient which helps your skin barrier and hydration. Despite being the new buzz in treatments for pilaris and eczema and an ingredient in hydration retaining body washes these have amazing long term results in maintaining good cell health, activating ATP, AQP-3, skin barrier function .

So here is a sensible routine,

Use a good body scrub with an oil base, this will essentially reduce the buildup of dead skin. A good scrub is something that is not larger than .7 mm( as big as semolina or sugar crystal) and is softer enough to not scar the skin.

A good body wash will take you a long way, look for glyceryl glucoside, fresh plant extracts and any non drying component such as aloe vera that doesn't shed off of the oils. And finish off with your favourite moisturiser when your skin is still moderately wet so that you can lock in the product. Don't forget a skimpy layer of sunscreen or even better you can use a UV protected body butter for all the better results.

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